H-Meter Capital

Optimize your hirepurchase operations with H-Meter Capital. Our comprehensive software solution includes two distinct product segments, H-Meter Capital Identity and H-Meter Capital Performance, designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Rest assured, our solution is fully compliant with BOT regulations, ensuring peace of mind and avoiding any potential penalties.

Customer profile & Credit Scoring :

The software allows you to store and manage all customer information, including personal details, contact information, a built-in credit scoring system and financial history.

Application form management:

The software enables you to generate customized application forms that capture all the necessary information required for the hire purchase process.

Approval process management:

The software streamlines the approval process by automating the workflow and providing real-time status updates

Contract management:

The software generates hire purchase contracts that comply with legal and regulatory requirements and are customizable to meet your business needs.

Billing management:

The software automates the billing process and generates invoices and statements that are accurate and timely.

Repayment management:

The software tracks repayment schedules, calculates interest, and generates reports that provide insights into repayment performance. Also, support all common repayment channels.

Collection & Legal management:

The software enables you to manage the collection process by providing real-time visibility into overdue accounts and automating collection workflows until legal and regulatory processes.

Stock Management:

Including stock management feature, allowing you to efficiently track inventory levels, manage purchase orders and sales orders, and generate reports to keep your business running smoothly.

Registration management:

The software enables you to manage vehicle registration processes, including transfer of ownership and issuance of license plates.

Call Center Management:

Single page which provide agents with a complete view of the customer's and contract history and context e.g. payment history, activities, etc. This can help agents provide more personalized and effective support to customers.

Accounting reports (IFRS9):

The software generates a wide range of accounting reports for accounting team. Also, able to connect with accounting system.

Integrated to 3rd Party Systems:

Our optional module allows customers to select third-party systems such as NCB, AMLO, Line, SMS, Email and DOPA for enhanced data accuracy. With the use of a card reader, data is seamlessly integrated and shared between our software and the third-party systems

Our screen designs will enhance your user experience.

With single-page web design enables users to easily access all the necessary information without the need to navigate through multiple pages.

Integrate with your smart extension platforms